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ATC is nationally known in the area of Materials Engineering, Materials Testing and Inspection, a specialty within the broad area of civil engineering and materials quality control.  ATC’s Construction Materials Testing Division provides systematic testing and inspection services to assure materials utilized during construction meet project specifications and sustainability goals. We can save clients significant time and money by preventing change orders during construction and reducing future maintenance and repair.  We do this through special inspections and by working closely with architects, engineers, owners, general contractors and participants throughout each phase of the project, from feasibility/planning, design development, construction and fabrication and post-construction operations.

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With ATC, you have access to certified technicians, special inspectors, project managers and professional engineers who guide clients and project stakeholders along a clear path to the next steps they need to take in their project. Our experts have the quality control/quality assurance expertise, which provides valuable assistance in the construction of foundations, highways, railroads, dams, bridges, towers, buildings, airports, industrial plants, water supply and all sewage treatment facilities, dock and waterway facilities, power plants and many other construction projects, while adhering to a strict safety culture.  Our professional materials consultants provide specialty consulting in areas including asphaltic concrete mix designs and project specific specifications.  These services may be conducted in the laboratory, fabricating plant or at your construction site and include:

  • Preconstruction Planning & Design Development
  • Vibration & Blast Monitoring
  • International Code Council (ICC) Special Inspections
  • Threshold Inspections
  • Foundation installation observation­
  • Reinforcing steel evaluation
  • Fire-Proofing testing and evaluation
  • Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting
  • Disaster Response
  • Asset Management/Maintenance Technology
  • Forensic Non-Destructive Testing/Inspection
  • Building Envelope Quality Assurance
  • Post-Construction & Operations
  • Stormwater Monitoring Services (NPDES)
  • Examination/Testing of In-Place Materials (Soils, Aggregates, Concrete and Asphalt)
  • Post-Construction & Operations
  • Stormwater Monitoring Services (NPDES)
  • Examination/Testing of In-Place Materials
  • Asphalt and Concrete Design
  • Soils Stabilization (Cement and Lime Treated)

ATC is unique in its ability to perform construction materials testing services alongside hazardous materials projects in buildings AND environmental & geotechnical soil & groundwater projects with in-house professionals under one roof.  Our clients enjoy one point of contact with a complete range of multi-disciplinary professionals at their fingertips.

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