It might seem impossible to think there are seven ways to make your gas station more profitable. In a time when it’s a true challenge for gas stations to pull in a decent profit, any routes to making more money can always be appreciated. After all, Forbes reported last fall that many private gas station owners barely make two cents off every dollar of gas sold.

Earning a decent profit selling gas usually has to be taken out of the equation of a gas station, so where should the focus be placed? With attention to certain details within the customer service realm, you can probably increase business. Environmental and geotechnical adjustments can also bring a significant cost savings.

Profit from a Convenience Store

Most gas stations you see now have convenience stores on site to pull in extra money. This doesn’t mean all gas stations will buy into the convenience store model considering it takes capital to acquire one. Nevertheless, selling food items can make a significant difference in profit, especially if you’re located near a highway off-ramp.

Selling Lottery Tickets

Adding a lottery machine inside a convenience store can add even more to your coffers. And it pays to deal in popular national and state lotteries. With growing jackpots in recent years, you could make significant profit off the sales of lottery tickets alone.

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Making Sure Inventory is Restocked

If you have a convenience store, you could lose business if you don’t consistently keep things in stock. A convenience store has to live up to its name of convenience. When grocery stores are closed, a customer wants to find a product they want and not find an empty shelf.

Adhering to the Hours You Set

There’s nothing more annoying to customers than a gas station that isn’t open when they say they will be. If you open by 7 a.m., then make sure your employees open it by then. Arrange for someone else to open your station if the expected employee somehow doesn’t show up.  

Prominent Signage

Adding advertising to your budget is more than worth the money you’ll likely make back. While an ad for a gas station is usually uncommon on TV or in newspapers, having good signage on highways or in town helps promote that you’re nearby. Particularly if you have a convenience store, prominent signs indicating this will increase your business with locals and tourists.

Security for the Employees

You hear too many horror stories of crimes in gas stations that stay open all night. This can create bad public relations for a gas station and mean loss of business. Setting up extra security for employees, including electronic door systems and security cameras, will be better crime preventatives. Also, work with police to ensure they frequent the area at night.

Environmental and Geotechnical Enhancements

Here at ATC, we provide environmental and geotechnical engineering services to gas stations. We are committed to limiting environmental exposure and protecting your profits.  We’ll make sure your underground storage tanks and other infrastructures comply with state and federal regulations to help save you considerable money. This also extends to environmental efficiency in your convenience store as well as gas dispensing units.

Contact us so we can work with your gas station in being part of a larger picture of helping you reach profitability, or if you’d like to learn more about our additional environmental services. In business since 1982, we’re a proven leader in environmental consulting for major companies.