In today’s manufacturing world, it is very important for companies to remain current with all the reporting and permitting requirements for their industry.  There is a tremendous amount of work involved for a company to be in compliance with all the governmental rules and regulations that cover them.  In our experience resources are constrained and managers have overlapping responsibilities.

Often, companies will have an Environmental Manager whose duties go beyond traditional environmental roles.  This person may also be responsible for meeting the company’s safety management needs – often referred to as an EH&S Manager.  To be successful in a resource constrained environment, top management needs to provide as much support for this individual and their programs as possible.  EH&S managers and leaders need access to the latest technology and management tools. Recordkeeping alone can require more than one employee and cross-functional areas such as Human Resources and Operations.

To be successful, most companies have their environmental compliance programs start at the very top – with a clear vision and mission.  When it starts with the board of directors and filters down through the company, it has a much better chance at success.  It will create a corporate culture that is cognizant of environmental responsibilities.

A company that has designed a program within a management system improves their compliance profile – and generates better results in terms of loss control and resource allocation and is able to keep focus on their core business.  The most successful programs are coordinated with other parts of the company and based on the performance of a team.

Once a successful compliance program and management system is in place, employees and work teams will be able to identify any current or future problems.  These issues can then be corrected prior to an inspection from any government entity.

When a company has a good record of compliance, it can experience a return on investment for the cost of compliance.  When a solid relationship is developed with an environmental agency, the time for the approval process of required permits or other controls can be reduced.

Contact us if you are a company needing to develop a facility environmental compliance program, management system or to improve your current one.  We have the necessary knowledge, experience and personnel to help you meet your goals.