In accordance with the EPA’s Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Rule, commonly known as AHERA, public and private non-profit schools must:

Identify asbestos-containing materials

The inspections must be conducted by a licensed Asbestos Inspector, and a re-inspection is required every three years. The school must also maintain an Abestos Management Plan. Parents, teachers and school employees have the right to review the plan.

Maintain asbestos-containing materials in good condition

This includes appointing a designated person to receive training and ensure AHERA requirements are met.

Notify occupants

If asbestos-containing materials are present, warning signs must be posted. Custodians, maintenance staff, vendors and contractors must be made aware, and an annual notification must be distributed to all building occupants regarding the availability of the Management Plan.

Maintain records

This includes keeping the Management Plan current.

ATC can help. Our licensed personnel have conducted hundreds of AHERA inspections and re-inspections at public and private schools and have also prepared and implemented Asbestos Management Plans. We also prepare technical bid specifications for the abatement of asbestos and other regulated materials as part of major renovations in schools.

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