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Protecting Your Product Line

For more than three decades, ATC has helped major manufacturing facilities throughout the country. From chemical, cement, food, and textile facilities to automobile, turbine, and shipbuilding plants, we have helped our clients maintain safe and efficient facilities.

Minimal Disruption

Our experts work efficiently and discreetly, maintaining accurate data and timely results to minimize disruption to daily activities and protect the welfare of our clients’ operations and their employees.

Full Scope of Services

ATC’s services span from air, soil, water contamination, and compliance issues to waste characterization, handling and treatment, and employee protection issues.

Expert Project Management

We understand the importance of managing each project’s day-to-day operations – including process design compliance issues, and permitting or health and safety issues.
We work with manufacturing companies across the nation, providing full operational life cycle support and cost effective solutions that add lasting value.

Our Services

  • Air Quality Management
  • Air Modeling Services
  • Environmental Remediation Services
  • Wastewater and Water Systems Management Services
  • RCRA Services
  • CERCLA Services
  • Environmental Phase I and II Site Assessment Services
  • Asbestos Management Services
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Service