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ATC Group Services LLC (ATC) is a major provider of health, safety, regulatory compliance and training services to Massachusetts municipalities and Commonwealth agencies. Our customized training programs help clients develop a highly trained workforce, ensure a safe and compliant workplace, and get the most from of their training investment.

Training is not simply a regulatory requirement or a compulsory exercise. A well designed and executed training program is the cornerstone of a strong safety culture that provides a significant return on investment by increasing safety awareness, ensuring compliance, reducing workplace incidents, and ultimately lowering operating costs.

ATC’s training programs are based on over 35 years of practical industry experience, and our trainers and curriculum developers are current practicing professionals. Our OSHA services are provided from three ATC Massachusetts offices (West Springfield/Agawam,Worcester, and Woburn).

To learn more, download our Statement of Qualifications for OSHA Compliance Services in Massachusetts or contact us if we can be of assistance.

Download ATC’s SOQ for OSHA Compliance Services in Massachusetts

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