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Environmental Consulting



An adjacent body of water between a chemical refinery, manufacturing and other refining complexes was placed on the National Superfund List. The main constituents were chlorinated solvents. A groundwater extraction unit was in need of an upgrade. A regulatory agency wanted proof the groundwater flow could be controlled. A company faced escalating remediation costs — until ATC stepped in.



After an operational review, ATC recommended changing the client’s groundwater extraction pumps to low maintenance submersible pumps. The replacement has given the client a 70% increase in volume of groundwater recovered and an 80% increase in runtime. ATC also recommended changing the vapor-based carbon treatment system to a catalytic oxidation off-gas treatment system, the result, a $180,000 annual savings. The catalytic oxidation process safely burns off the contaminants (chlorinated solvents) & eliminated the client’s need to replace and properly dispose of 4,000 pounds of carbon every three weeks. In addition to providing daily system operations services, ATC provides a quarterly report for the State Environmental Agency on the off-gas treatment to document regulatory compliance & continues to work with the client to improve processes and save resources.