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Industrial Hygiene and Building Sciences



Packing category-five strength — the ultimate punch — Hurricane Ivan became history’s sixth most intense Atlantic storm. Peaking in the Gulf of Mexico, it shot south to Jamaica before turning to Grand Cayman where it cut a swath of destruction that brought life to a standstill: no power, no telecommunications and no radar to safeguard emergency flights. A local country club and casino stood to lose millions to microbial damage — until ATC stepped in.



Within five days ATC dispatched a response team, which established a mobile lab to read samples within hours. We moved quickly to identify areas requiring mitigation, enabling the owner to save $5 million in losses which would have been incurred had response been delayed. A staff of eight ATC professionals remained on site for 60 days, working seven days a week during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Services included microbial testing, remediation work plan preparation and post remediation/sampling activities.