ATC is pleased to be a part of the City of Phoenix, Arizona’s Brownfields to Healthfields (B2H) project in an effort to transform community health through sustainable development.

ATC assisted the City of Phoenix’s Office of Environmental Programs (OEP) with the preparation of an application for a $400,000 community-wide Brownfields assessment grant. The OEP was awarded the funds by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the B2H project kicked off in October 2015.

The goal of the B2H project is to safeguard and protect public health and the environment through proactive redevelopment in 11 economically disadvantaged areas of Phoenix that lack access to adequate healthcare and healthy food. These areas have also been adversely affected by abandoned and underutilized properties that have been or are perceived to have been impacted by hazardous substances and pollutants.

Work completed by ATC to date has included:

  • The development of a web-based, city-wide Brownfields inventory of approximately 6,000 properties
  • Engagement of the community in targeted areas to provide information and awareness and to seek input on the site selection process
  • Performance of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on eight properties redeveloped for community gardens, school gardens, aquaponics and urban farming
  • Completion of asbestos and lead-based paint surveys at selected properties

Proposed reuses of the Phoenix properties include healthcare facilities, healthy food outlets including farmers markets, and urban agriculture including community and school gardens.

The result of the B2H project will be improved community health due to the elimination of exposure to hazardous substances, as well as new opportunities for improved access to healthcare and healthy foods.

ATC anticipates additional work on the B2H in the near future, including assisting the City in the development of a Food Action Plan and meeting with healthcare providers about redevelopment of Brownfields in medically underserved areas.


ATC revitalizes Brownfields sites and restores them to thriving community spaces. From infrastructure and environmental improvement to job creation and economic growth, our team restores new life to any site — from start to finish. 

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