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Protecting what’s important.

In pursuit of excellence, we place safety as our highest core value and work to strengthen our culture around it.

The health of our employees, the prevention of incidents, and the protection of the environment are mandates incorporated into every aspect of our company, surpassing all other considerations.

Our clients expect it, and we require it of ourselves. To meet these expectations and sustain our commitment – we provide comprehensive training, resources, and support to all of our employees, inspiring a culture of uncompromised safety excellence.

We empower each employee with the tools, resources, and behavior-based training and programs to comply with ATC safety expectations.
Each employee has the authority to stop any job that puts people or the environment at risk, and to engage in open communication with supervisors and coworkers about health and safety policies.
Our Health and Safety Program covers a wide range of elements that is centered on industry best practices and our commitment to continuous improvement. We strive to always look for new ways to protect our employees and the environment.