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Subsurface Investigations and Site Remediation

We help businesses evaluate and clean up contaminated sites to minimize risk, contain costs, protect human health, and restore the environment.

Focusing on our clients’ long-term goals and strategies, ATC helps minimize costs and risks when conducting property assessments, remediating known environmental issues, or developing contingency plans to prepare for a future response.

Each year we conduct thousands of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to identify, analyze, and resolve property environmental conditions. We help clients design sampling plans and remedial programs, select cleanup technologies, prepare comprehensive findings reports, and manage the permitting process, and we provide expert witness testimony as well.

We are deeply experienced in soil, soil vapor, and groundwater remediation strategies through both traditional and innovative means including chemical, biological, and physical mass removal technologies.

Representative Services:

  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigations and Remediation
  • Brownfield Assessment and Redevelopment
  • Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies
  • Remedial Alternative Evaluations
  • Hazardous Waste Site Assessments and Remediation
  • Risk-based Corrective Action and Closure Activities
  • Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Waste Characterization and Management
  • Innovative and Traditional Technology Experience
  • Fixed-Price Remediation, Including Evaluation of Insurance Options
  • Facility Decommissioning and Demolition
  • Groundwater Assessments and Remediation
    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Remediation System Design, Installation, and Implementation
    • Remediation System O&M
    • Remediation System Performance Evaluations
    • Remediation System Decommissioning and Demolition
  • Soil/Sediment Remediation
    • Excavation/Dredging and Disposal
    • Stabilization/Solidification
    • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Containment Systems
    • Pond/Lagoon Closure
    • Subsurface Barrier Walls/Sheeting
    • Geosynthetic/Soil Capping Systems
  • Vapor Intrusion Investigations and Mitigation
    • Vapor Barriers
    • Venting System
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) Assessments, Remediation, and Closure Plans
  • Rapid Spill Response and Cleanup

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