The construction industry faces several unique challenges compared to most, but managing timetables with so many complicating factors is often among the most frustrating. This is largely due to the fact that successful construction projects require multiple steps that must be completed and approved in a specific order.

Any kind of unexpected problem, whether technical or legal, can set the entire project back months behind schedule—a hefty delay that warrants serious financial consequences for all invested parties. And if additional time constraints like prohibitive weather changes or other seasonal factors arise, you could be left with a serious crisis on your hands. The best way to keep your project on track and on budget is to efficiently monitor the day-to-day operations with a pragmatic approach.

Take Control with Construction Monitoring

Construction monitoring is an organized system of personnel and procedures dedicated to detailed oversight of a construction project. Construction monitoring consultants plan, analyze and compensate for the results of each stage of the process within their scope. This kind of oversight can help invested parties save both time and money in several key ways:

Ensuring Compliance

To protect the integrity of your construction site, it is critical to ensure that every process of the build is compliant with all applicable regulations, including OSHA’s health and safety regulations, environmental regulations, building permits, etc. Failing to adhere to these standards can force site owners to invest in costly and time-consuming solutions, and in some cases, face serious legal consequences. Construction monitoring experts take all relevant laws and regulations into consideration, ensure that all workers are adhering to safety protocols, identify hazards, provide solutions and arrange for permits and inspections in a timely fashion. When it comes to avoiding liabilities and delays, it’s important to establish compliance management procedures that identify and forecast potential risks and provide cost-effective solutions.

Accurate Estimations

Accurate cost and scheduling estimates are the foundation for top-level decision making, which can determine the future of the entire project. Anticipating financial needs and carefully monitoring their use provides much clearer insights into the company’s financial resources. This helps businesses assess risks, identify opportunities and plan for future growth. Analyzing historical financial data can further help forecast future costs and schedules by evaluating what factors contributed to overages in past, and how they were able to recover the expenses in other segments of the project. The project manager can then have a more accurate idea of which milestones need to be completed by a certain time in order to maintain control of the overhead.

Avoiding Delays

Sticking to a schedule isn’t something that just happens, it’s the result of planning, commitment and flexibility. There are dozens of things that can go wrong, so there are inevitably going to be factors that jeopardize a timetable. Maintaining a schedule is achieved on a day-to-day basis. Companies must break down long-term goals into immediate objectives and monitor results so they can make incremental increases to make up the difference. By utilizing a project management software tool, you can easily track the progress of each objective, catch any deviations in the schedule early on and get a better overview of the entire project’s completion to goal from one single dashboard.

Steer Your Construction Project to Success

Conducting a commercial construction project without accurate, detailed and timely information is like trying to navigate a ship in the dark. Project monitoring is essential for establishing real control over the process to ensure that it stays on track with its schedule and budget. Professional monitoring services also allow companies to leverage advanced skills, industry-specific expertise and years of experience.

Integrated environmental consulting and engineering services always involves coordination, communication and evaluation. That’s why the ATC team is prepared to provide complete construction monitoring solutions to our clients with a commitment to detail. Our expertise in workplace safety and legal compliance issues helps us stay ahead of potential problems at any stage of the process. Contact us to learn more about our full scope of services and how we can help you streamline your projects.