The term “industrial hygiene” describes much more than the actual cleanliness of a workplace, although this is certainly one of the many relevant factors. All businesses need to be aware of how their company’s site and operations impact employees, local communities and the natural environment. Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of these environmental stressors arising from workplace activities is essential for
maintaining an appropriate level of industrial hygiene.

Why Companies Care About Industrial Hygiene
Maintaining industrial hygiene requires an investment of both time and money, and can necessitate major transitions in day-to-day operations. However, good hygiene practices can produce value for companies in the long-term and are crucial for avoiding the serious consequences of poor hygiene.

Build Productivity and Loyalty
Simply put, employees know when their employer cares about their well-being. Emphasizing industrial hygiene in the workplace means prioritizing the health and morale of the workforce, which can lead to a significant improvement in overall loyalty, productivity and team cohesion. In many industries, establishing safety priorities is fundamental to building a productive corporate culture

Minimize Risk
Industrial hygiene practices help protect the local environment by establishing backup and fail-safe plans for containing workplace hazards. These safety measures can cut down on the risk of serious contamination to the site or local area, eliminating some of the legal and financial risk to the company.

Adhere to Current Standards
Almost all companies are subject to at least some of the regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or other rule-making bodies. Maintaining strong internal industrial hygiene practices helps companies meet the minimum requirements in these standards, as well as potentially qualify for incentive or reward programs for exceptional hygiene.

A One-Stop Solution for Industrial Hygiene
Even though many companies are interesting and willing to achieve higher levels of industrial hygiene, they aren’t sure where to start or how to create a long-term strategy to reach this goal. As comprehensive integrated environmental consultants, ATC Group Services helps clients overcome this knowledge gap and create momentum to propel them towards real change. Our hygiene services cover dozens of different areas, including:

● Surveys for Hazardous Materials
● Inspections and investigations – water, air quality, hazardous materials
● Chemical Hygiene/OSHA Compliance and Program Development
● Remediation
● Infection Control/Risk Management
● Disaster Response
● Hazard Communication Assessments and Management

Our team includes a wide range of experienced and professional specialists who know how to recognize, analyze and control all kinds of occupational stressors. Current and prospective clients are welcome to contact us to learn more about​ ​our industrial hygiene and building sciences​ solutions.

Take the Initiative with Strong Hygiene Practices
Even if your company already meets the minimum required by law, there are still plenty of reasons to consider improving hygiene practices. Improving relationships with employees and the public can have immense value for a brand, and staying ahead of the curve on integration of safety techniques prepares businesses to manage risk as they move forward into an uncertain future.