Navigating a web of regulatory standards from multiple authorities, conducting comprehensive site surveys and performing compliance audits are just a few of the many ways environmental consultants like ATC serve their clients. Businesses can leverage their skills and expertise to cut down on long-term costs, reduce exposure to liability and maintain environmentally-responsible operations. Ultimately, environmental consultants build value for their clients by providing efficient, effective and sustainable solutions.

Assessments and Surveys

The first step of any major building project isn’t a floor plan or a foundation, it’s a site assessment. Determining the composition of the soil, drainage patterns and other local environmental factors is a necessary first step towards successful design. All property owners are expected to perform due diligence when acquiring or developing a property, which means they need help from qualified environmental consultants.

Despite the temptation to only do the minimum for mandatory assessments, it can pay to go the extra mile. As an integrated environmental consulting and engineering company, ATC understands the importance of accurate and detailed survey results. Thorough testing is necessary for accurate risk assessments and overall project design.

Site Cleanup and Remediation 

Mistakes and accidents happen, even when attentive and trained staff members are at the helm. In some industries, like energy production and chemical processing, even a small mistake can have disastrous and lasting consequences. Contamination of air, soil or water supplies is a serious concern that demands the attention of qualified experts who can gauge the situation, recommend immediate measures and develop a long-term recovery plan. Prompt site remediation can significantly limit financial loss to the company and improve the outlook for the local environment.

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing

Every building and construction project in the United States is subject to codes and regulations from several different sources. Local state and city governments maintain their own laws regarding environmental impact mitigation, property management and building design. Many industries are also subject to standards set at a national level by federal institutions or a recognized independent organization.

Achieving and maintaining compliance can be a nightmare for people who aren’t trained and experienced with the applicable regulations, which is why many businesses turn to environmental consultants. Consultants not only help owners get their property in line with the law, they can also test them through auditing as preparation for official investigations or inspections in the future.

Integrated Consulting and Training

Building a culture that emphasizes environmental mindfulness and personal safety isn’t something that can happen overnight. Business leaders and operators who are serious about maintaining responsible site operations should build their core values, policies and management strategies around this objective. Employees who are trained and educated are better prepared to handle emergencies, mitigate damage and prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Environmental consulting may be a specialized and relatively narrow field academically, but it has incredibly broad and diverse applications for commercial and government projects. Successful site owners, developers and business leaders understand the value of professional consulting services for managing liability, limiting damage from ongoing concerns and developing overall operational procedures. Contact your local ATC branch for more information.